Yog Up Food Kiosk

United Arab Emirates
Project Type

ALASSRI Industry, headquartered in the UAE, specializes in manufacturing the Yog Up cafe Food Kiosk, offering a convenient and refreshing way for customers to enjoy yogurt-based treats with innovative design and exceptional quality.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Food Kiosk Design: Features a compact and visually appealing design, optimized for serving yogurt-based treats in a convenient and inviting manner.
  2. Equipment: Equipped with yogurt dispensers, toppings stations, refrigeration units, and preparation counters to facilitate the creation of a variety of yogurt-based products.
  3. Electrical System: Incorporates a reliable electrical infrastructure with sufficient outlets to power the equipment, lighting, and any electronic payment systems.
  4. Water Supply: Utilizes a freshwater tank and pump system for cleaning and preparing yogurt-based products, ensuring hygiene and sanitation standards.
  5. Storage: Provides adequate storage space for ingredients, toppings, and supplies to support daily operations and maintain product freshness.
  6. Mobility: Designed for easy relocation within a mall or outdoor venue, allowing flexibility in positioning to attract customers.
  7. Compliance: Built to meet health and safety regulations for food service establishments, ensuring adherence to operational standards and customer satisfaction.
Service window
Drive Mode
1 to 2 Ton
>GRP Material
Interior Wall Plate
stainless steel 304
Exterior wall plate
PPGI Sheet

Other Features


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