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ALASSRI Industry, a top manufacturing company in the UAE, is excited to announce a new project with Capri Pizza. They are creating a special Truck for Food Truck UAE, designed just for Capri Pizza’s needs. This project shows ALASSRI’s dedication to quality and innovation, using advanced methods to build a modern mobile pizza oven.

The Truck for Food Truck UAE will change the mobile food service scene by offering a flexible, efficient, and high-quality pizza oven on wheels. This truck will help Capri Pizza reach more customers with their tasty pizzas. It will have the latest technology to ensure perfect cooking, consistent quality, and energy efficiency. Key features include a large oven, a comfortable workspace, and strong safety measures, all designed for the demands of mobile food service.

ALASSRI Industry’s skill in manufacturing and their focus on customer satisfaction are crucial for this project. Working with Capri Pizza shows ALASSRI’s ability to create custom solutions that fit their clients’ goals. By combining ALASSRI’s technical skills with Capri Pizza’s great food, will set a new standard in the food truck industry.

This project highlights ALASSRI Industry’s talent in making special industrial products and their strong partnerships with top food service brands. The  for Capri Pizza demonstrates ALASSRI’s innovative spirit and their commitment to improving the food service industry in the UAE and beyond.

ALASSRI Industry looks forward to a successful launch and positive reception from customers.

his endeavor reflects the collaborative efforts of both companies, success.

  1. Oven Capacity: The pizza oven is designed to accommodate multiple pizzas simultaneously, with a capacity of up to [insert number] pizzas at once.
  2. Temperature Range: The oven offers a wide temperature range, adjustable from [insert temperature range] degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring precise cooking control.
  3. Heating System: Equipped with a high-efficiency heating system, the oven ensures rapid preheating and consistent heat distribution for even cooking.
  4. Insulation: The oven features advanced insulation materials to retain heat efficiently, minimizing energy consumption and ensuring stable cooking temperatures.
  5. Cooking Surface: The oven is furnished with a durable cooking surface, constructed from [insert material], providing excellent heat retention and easy maintenance.
  6. Ventilation System: A robust ventilation system ensures proper airflow, preventing smoke buildup and maintaining a comfortable working environment.
  7. Safety Features: The oven is equipped with safety measures such as temperature monitoring, automatic shutoff, and fire suppression systems to ensure operator safety.
  8. Mobility: The pizza oven is mounted on a sturdy and maneuverable chassis, facilitating easy transportation to various locations.
  9. Power Source: The oven can be powered by electricity, propane, or natural gas, offering flexibility for different operating environments.
  10. Control Panel: An intuitive control panel allows operators to adjust temperature settings, monitor cooking progress, and access diagnostic information with ease.
  11. Exterior Design: The exterior of the oven is designed with branding opportunities, providing space for company logos and promotional graphics to enhance brand visibility.
  12. Compliance: The pizza oven complies with relevant safety and regulatory standards, ensuring adherence to local codes and regulations.
  13. Warranty: The product is backed by a comprehensive warranty package, providing peace of mind to customers and support for any potential issues.
  14. Optional Add-ons: Optional accessories such as custom signage, LED lighting, and additional storage compartments are available to enhance functionality and aesthetics.
  15. Installation: Professional installation services are available to ensure proper setup and integration of the pizza oven into existing food truck configurations.
Service window
Drive Mode
1 to 3 Ton
>GRP Material
>Aluminum Checker Plate
Interior Wall Plate
stainless steel 304
Exterior wall plate
PPGI Sheet

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