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Introduction: AL ASSRI IND proudly introduces its latest culinary venture: Food Truck Fries in the UAE. This innovative project aims to tantalize taste buds with gourmet fries served from mobile units strategically stationed across bustling cities in the UAE.

Vision: Our vision is to elevate the street food experience in the UAE by offering gourmet KBJ fries  with a fusion of flavors, served conveniently from our mobile food trucks. We strive to become the go-to destination for fries enthusiasts, delivering quality and creativity in every bite.


  1. Establish a fleet of modern food trucks equipped to serve gourmet fries with innovative toppings and flavors.
  2. Provide a unique culinary experience that combines convenience, quality, and creativity, setting a new standard in street food.
  3. Build a strong brand presence through effective marketing strategies and partnerships to capture the attention of diverse demographics across the UAE.

Competitive Advantage:

  1. Innovative Menu: Our menu features a variety of gourmet fries with creative and flavors, us from traditional fast food offerings.
  2. Quality Assurance: Backed by AL ASSRI IND, renowned for its commitment to excellence, we quality ingredients and impeccable food preparation standards.
  3. Mobility and Accessibility: Our mobile food trucks bring directly to customers, offering convenience and in locations across the UAE.

Technical Specifications: Food Truck Fries

  1. Food Truck Design: Custom-built food trucks featuring a modern and eye-catching design, equipped with all necessary amenities for food preparation and service.
  2. Cooking Equipment: High-capacity fryers with precise temperature control to ensure consistent cooking results and optimal taste.
  3. Refrigeration: Commercial-grade refrigeration units to store perishable ingredients at the appropriate temperatures, maintaining freshness and food safety standards.
  4. Power Supply: Electrical system capable of powering all cooking equipment, refrigeration units, lighting, and other electrical appliances onboard the food truck.
  5. Water Supply and Plumbing: Onboard water supply system with a freshwater tank, wastewater tank, and plumbing infrastructure for cleaning and sanitation purposes.
  6. Menu Display and Ordering System: Digital menu boards or traditional signage for displaying menu items and prices, supported by a user-friendly ordering system to streamline customer transactions.
  7. Storage: Adequate storage space for ingredients, utensils, and supplies, organized efficiently to maximize space utilization and accessibility.
  8. Ventilation System: Ventilation hood or exhaust system to remove cooking odors, smoke, and grease, ensuring a comfortable working environment for staff and compliance with safety regulations.
  9. Food Safety Compliance: Implementation of food safety protocols and practices, including regular cleaning and sanitization, proper food handling procedures, and compliance with local health regulations.
  10. Transportation and Mobility: Mobile food truck design with reliable transportation capabilities, including durable tires, suspension system, and towing hitch for easy relocation and deployment at various locations across the UAE.
Service window
Drive Mode
1 to 3 Ton
>GRP Material
>Aluminum Checker Plate
Interior Wall Plate
stainless steel 304
Exterior wall plate
PPGI Sheet

Other Features


    Stainless steel Double door ChillerStainless steel Double door freezerStainless steel 3 doors ChillerStainless steel 3 doors FreezerUnder counter Bottle Cooler single DoorUnder counter Bottle Cooler DoubleDoorStainless steel kitchen range hoodSmart CamerasSticker or paintingSign board

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