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Project Overview: Food Truck Burger Riyadh Trailer

ALASSRI Industry, a top manufacturing company in the UAE, is starting a big project to design and build a special Food Truck Burger Riyadh trailer. This project will cover everything from the initial idea and design to building and finally using the trailer. Our focus is on quality, innovation, and sustainability.

Design and Compliance

The Food Truck Burger Riyadh trailer will be carefully made to meet our client’s specific needs and branding. It will follow all local rules and safety standards. Additionally, the trailer will have modern equipment and an ergonomic design to improve efficiency, engage customers, and increase brand visibility.

We will work closely with the client during the design process. This ensures the trailer’s look and function match their brand. During construction, we will use high-quality materials and advanced techniques for durability and long life. Furthermore, we will use eco-friendly practices to reduce the environmental impact.

When the Food Truck Burger  is ready, we will deploy it strategically. This will help reach as many customers as possible and maximize profits. Planning the menu, staffing, and marketing strategies will ensure smooth operation. Additionally, we will provide training for the client’s staff to ensure they can operate the equipment efficiently and maintain the high standards expected. Ultimately, our goal is to exceed the client’s expectations by delivering a product that meets and surpasses industry standards. This will provide a reliable and versatile platform for their mobile food service.

Through this project, ALASSRI Industry aims to strengthen its reputation as a leading provider of custom mobile service solutions in the UAE. By combining innovative design, quality craftsmanship, and strategic planning, we believe this Food Truck Burger Riyadh trailer will be a successful and effective tool for our client. It will enhance their brand presence and delight customers in various locations. We are excited about the potential this project holds and are committed to delivering an exceptional product.

### Technical Specifications: Airstream Food Truck

**Model:** Airstream Food Truck

– **Length:** 24 feet
– **Width:** 8 feet
– **Height:** 9.5 feet

– **Material:** Aircraft-grade aluminum shell with a polished finish
– **Insulation:** High-density foam insulation for thermal efficiency
– **Windows:** Double-pane, UV-tinted windows for energy efficiency and privacy
– **Doors:** Heavy-duty lockable entry doors with weather seals

**Interior Layout:**
– **Flooring:** Commercial-grade, non-slip vinyl flooring
– **Walls and Ceiling:** Stainless steel paneling for easy cleaning and durability
– **Lighting:** LED overhead lights and task lighting
– **HVAC:** Integrated air conditioning and heating system

**Kitchen Equipment:**
– **Cooking Appliances:**
– High-efficiency propane grill
– Double deep fryer
– 4-burner stove with oven
– **Refrigeration:**
– Commercial-grade refrigerator
– Under-counter freezer
– **Preparation Area:**
– Stainless steel countertops
– Integrated cutting boards
– **Storage:**
– Overhead storage cabinets
– Base storage units
– Dry goods storage

**Plumbing System:**
– **Water Supply:**
– 100-gallon fresh water tank
– 50-gallon grey water tank
– **Sinks:**
– Triple-compartment sink for washing, rinsing, and sanitizing
– Hand-wash sink
– **Water Heater:**
– On-demand tankless water heater

**Electrical System:**
– **Power Supply:**
– Shore power connection
– Optional propane generator
– 12V battery system with inverter
– **Outlets:**
– Multiple GFCI-protected outlets throughout the truck
– **Lighting:**
– Energy-efficient LED lighting system

**Safety Features:**
– **Fire Suppression:**
– Built-in fire suppression system over the cooking area
– **Fire Extinguishers:**
– Mounted fire extinguishers in key locations
– **Emergency Exits:**
– Clearly marked emergency exit doors

– **Chassis:**
– Heavy-duty, steel-reinforced frame
– **Wheels and Tires:**
– Heavy-duty, all-terrain tires
– Dual-axle configuration for stability
– **Hitch:**
– Secure towing hitch with safety chains
– **Leveling:**
– Manual leveling jacks

**Branding and Customization:**
– **Exterior Branding:**
– Custom vinyl wraps and decals with the client’s branding
– **Interior Decor:**
– Customizable color schemes and finishes to match the brand identity
– **Signage:**
– Lighted exterior signs and menu boards

**Additional Features:**
– **Sound System:**
– Integrated audio system with speakers
– **Customer Service Window:**
– Large serving window with an awning
– **Point of Sale (POS) System:**
– Integrated POS system for efficient transaction processing

### Summary
The Airstream Food Truck by ALASSRI Industry is designed to provide a fully equipped, durable, and mobile solution for food service. Every aspect, from construction to branding, is carefully considered to meet the client’s needs and ensure a high-quality product. This food truck model is ideal for operators looking to deliver a unique dining experience on the go.

Other Features


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